Healing with the power of the T'aint

Lets pray! Inhale, pull up on the perineum and direct the energy (can be seen as a red beam of light kind of like a laser pointer) toward any area of the body which needs the healing; exhale and meditate. Amen

The perineum has an identity crisis. We call it the "taint" because its appears to be simply the vacant piece of real estate between the anus and the genitals. This seemingly functionless swath of skin is actually an energetic confluence. The Taoists refer to it as the point where when pressured can revive the dead. The perineum is a balance point between two energetic pathways, the front which flows down (think about eating), and the often hidden pathway at our backs, the vertebrae, which is aqueous and flows upward. In Dhan Yoga the condition leading to enlightenment is described as "fire down, water up". The perineum is the starting point for unifying the two channels. When we engage this area of the body we bring about vitality because not only do we tone our reproductive and organs of elimination but we also pressurize and ask the divine feminine to rise upward and unite with the waters above, or Shiva (consciousness) seduces Shakti (primal energy of form, Earth) upward. The process of enlightenment, or the surrender to the healing light of source, occurs when the waters of the glands below, sexual, rise upward and stimulate the water based glands in the Limbic area of the brain (pineal gland). The energy streaming through the center channel of the body which enters at the perineum is the essence of the Mother, or Earth; and it is this energy that when directed to an area of the body, the child, we can bring about healing. We must remember that for healing to occur following intention or a technique, we must get the conscious mind out of the way through mediation. 

Ancient traditions of healing like Taoism or Yoga often state that we must call up the divine feminine or water which has settled at the tailbone. This energy which lies there is the waters below of the Bible and Shakti of Hinduism, it is the energy which rises up from mother or the Earth itself. This divine feminine energy needs to be seduced upward through authentic action, intention, and concentration. The process of concentrating on a singular point brings energy to that point and applies heat or fire which will then create steam or chi. As the steam rises we must allow it to move through our being and open our channels of flow exposing patterns of belief and behavior which divert the flow. In meditation we surrender deeply and allow, however, without techniques we often cannot loosen certain patterns which still exist in the shadows. Techniques mobilize flow; Meditation allows the Universe to heal our wounds. 

I was raised Catholic and as many Catholics know our form of prayer is usually motivated by a guilty conscience. We fornicate out of wed lock, use Gods name in vain, commit adultery... we are sinners. The problem with praying for the purpose of absolving sins, as is recommended in the confessional, is we have a negative emotion with a hint of desperation while attempting to escape our transgressions; the result is we end up solidifying through powerful mantra (prayer) the pattern in our nervous system. Positivity or negativity will solidify a pattern, it doesn't matter what our preferences are. Pain, fear, and suffering are parts of life and we cannot fully escape them. Any attempt to cover up these emotions will simply lead to other ways of them being resolved. "Hail Mary full of grace.... " are the words out of the mouth but with shame in my heart, does the shame shift if I do 10000 repetitions of the prayer? Not likely, what most likely occurs is repression, the pattern is still in place. A prayer is a technique and all techniques must be released. The repetitions of Hail Mary will concentrate the mind which gives us an opportunity. After perfected action, or concentration, we can surrender deeply. When we can see our doings clearly in meditation and allow the patterns to surface we allow for the evolution of the pattern to occur. A technique or ritual deepens our intention, which once the intention is released and we surrender our control and allow the greater source of energy to do its work and we can be healed. Life is a school and this school is all about learning from our experiences positive or negative. Energy is energy regardless of our preferences, and energy directed to any pattern will solidify and entrench the pattern. Awareness must occur before resolution can be had, and before a pattern can shift. 

The truth is that we are not born tabula rasa, blank slate, we come into this life with a full set of characteristics and tendencies which become expressed as we age. Life shows us who we are, how we respond to challenges, how we approach fulfilling our purpose, how we deal with conflict etc... All our tendencies move through a spectrum, from hidden or existing within our shadow to being expressed as a gift; it is presence or awareness alone that acts as the bridge between shadow and gift. Awareness, not force shifts patterns. Each one of us is perfectly designed to live out our individual lives. The sharper our awareness and the deeper we can surrender, the more authentic expression surfaces. It's been said that meditation releases us from Karma, other words, we take out the trash. Techniques and exercises condition the body so that we have better focus our more flexibility leading to greater comfort within which is all expressed outwardly in life. If I go deeply into a painful sensation it will mobilize the energy which our mind relates to as pain, and once the pain is mobilized we must allow it to move on by surrendering our looking and obsessing with the sensation or experience; when we continue to engage the pain it will stick around no matter how much we dislike it because we direct energy into the feedback loop. If we allow and reduce the conscious mind, who we think we are, down to simply presence the pattern can move on because we have completed the balance sheet with both concise action and deep surrender, the energy is mobilized and healing and transformation can occur.

Belief is a technique. When we believe in something it becomes real on some level. This is how we create our realities. Our beliefs shape and direct our trajectory through life. We will attract and move toward those things we believe in. If we believe we can generate wealth, I mean really believe it, then we have the energy and focus to do so. Belief is not simply a shallow affirmation we are reciting in an attempt to blanket a deeper lack of faith. Often belief is not logical, it's just a knowing which requires no explanation. Belief can open us up to the mysteries of life, to the areas of life which confound the scientific method and objectivist reality. Belief can say there is more we do not understand about the nature of existence than what we do, and if we have to wait around for science to verify everything we will lead a very shallow life. Once belief is lived and released it becomes faith, and faith is surrender

Healing requires belief. We can witness healing happening without our direct participation. We get a cold and the cold clears up, the body's healing abilities have been verified. However the cold will return if we do not halt the pattern present in our lives which deems the cold necessary in the first place. If we run ourselves ragged then a cold results, because it is simply the body saying "hey you learned nothing from your last cold so here is another, now rest". Belief need not be focused on, it just is, and perhaps at first it's a philosophical understanding and if we persist in our awareness we begin to see the transition from a mental understanding to faith. There are still questions and conflicts when we only philosophically believe, faith has no mental hang ups because it reduces the roll of the ego in this big show. Faith is letting go of the need for explanation.

Again, Lets pray! Inhale, pull up on the perineum and direct the energy (can be seen as a red beam of light kind of like a laser pointer) toward any area of the body which needs the healing; exhale and meditate. Amen

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