The Most Practical Knowledge; the Essence of Every Spiritual Path

What's the most important piece of information that every human should have access to and an understanding of? What universal truth is never taught to us while we are being prepared for the challenges of career and life? Answer: We exist in our bodies always, 24/7 from birth till death.

So how is it that this extremely important fact is never taught while we are going through 12 plus years of formal education? How is it that we are so focused on education that really only serves to create workers? The answer to these questions only leads us down the path of a 1000 and 1 conspiracies; this truth need not be validated, because it simply Is the way it Is. 

How is this truth useful to understand? Have you ever for a moment reflected on what it is to be you? Have you ever made a list of attributes detailing likes and dislikes, goals and aspirations, purpose or lack there of, sexuality, family history...? All of these things comprise our personality not who we truly are. So who are we truly? The answer I have for you is to close your eyes for a few moments and simply be present, and notice what's familiar and what has been there since the day you were born; hint: its not your character or even how you look, it's not your likes and dislikes, it's not anything which changes and is impermanent, you are not even your name! Your true self is the consciousness itself from which all expression both physical and mental arise. That being said we have an opportunity through practicing awareness to witness our body, our mind, our perception; and it's through witnessing that we can learn how our bodies and the unconscious constantly communicate what is correct for us and that we may for the first time since birth, right our way back toward the trajectory which is correct for our body and our energy. Our bodies communicate to us what we should be eating, how we should be eating, what opportunities we should direct our energy toward, and what environments we should be living in. The body is life! It is the vehicle which will guide us from birth to death during our time on Earth; and it's through the various guttural responses, intuitive sensations, and our built in bio-energy light show that we are led to what decisions to make in the moment. Logic and reason are limited by perceptual inputs from information which is rooted in the past and speculation into a not necessarily obvious future. Intuitive information is not limited by time nor space because at the root of this flow, which is moving through us always, is a symphony of sensations, sounds, and internally perceived woo woo which is linked to all there is and hence exists outside the bounds of the laws of physical reality and perception. 

Diet is a really an interesting thing. When you consider our ancestors they simply ate what was available locally during the current season. Agriculture and preservation methods have completely altered how we eat and how much we eat. In the USA we have an abundance of choice, and because of this abundance making a decision about what we want to consume often comes down to "I feel like.... tonight" or perhaps you simply eat the same stuff all the time. We eat based on our schedule, we eat because we are bored, we eat because we like the taste, and many of us simply eat our foods like distracted zombies who are only satisfied by the alternating pallet titillation of salty and sweet. I studied to be a dietitian for 2 years while at the same time being mentored by a Naturopath, so having had exposure to mainstream and alternative perceptions of diet gave me one extremely important insight, nobody knows what's good for the individual. The individual is biochemically unique and that uniqueness creates a dilemma. When a voice cries out through a book or dietary trend that we all should give up gluten, meat, carbs, fat, or you name it, there is an expert who's waiting to sell you a book explaining how to adopt a new strategy for eating. Often many studies are supported financially by a large corporation or lobby group which has an interest in selling a particular food to the consumer. So with every author or corporation looking to put their hand in your pocket can you or should you trust that they, the external authority, knows what's good for you? If you want answers about what you should be eating simply turn inward and pay attention to how your body responds to certain foods, or notice your energy levels if you eat at a particular time of day, or perhaps maybe you even noticed that you don't seem to digest as well when you eat in a noisy place. Perhaps even while reading a diet book you feel a sense of enthusiasm, and it's this feeling which is guiding you to alter your eating pattern. Since food is for the body, let it choose, all you have to do is to hone your sensitivity and pay attention. The powerful conditioning forces of society, family, media, and government simply have no clue only generalizations about what's good for you. For those who are sensitive to energy or who consider themselves as being spiritual just understand that food is absolutely foundational, and directly affects how we feel and function in life; so if you are eating in a conditioned manner you are not tapping your body's true energetic potential.

When we begin to make choices which align us to flow/universe/infinity/God we will notice new energy, which actually has been there all along, we simply haven't allowed for it to flow. As we allow flow we have the opportunity to clear what is no longer in resonance with universal love. The density our shadow holds us in is fleeting, impermanent, and limiting. To accept the new, one must also accept the old and allow it to move on. The space in the nervous system occupied by these denser patterns is now beginning to open; but there is not enough space for both the new and the old. The resonance of love and light naturally changes all that it comes in contact with, and if you ask you shall receive; however you must be prepared to witness the vale of pain, discomfort, agitation and fear. These darker states only occupy space and do not define the space. Just like Mayan legends state that a vale was put over our eyes to hinder our development so that we could learn to use our divine gifts responsibly. As we reclaim our bodies through sensitivity we can witness the vale or illusion for what it is.

At the heart of Chinese medicine; health is seen as the natural outcome of self reliance, the assumption of responsibility for one's life attitudes and conduct. It's through the process of clearing with awareness that we learn to trust and have faith that the greater sum of energy flowing through us will indeed lead us to joy and that when we surrender deeply to flow we will be taken care of. Humanity is active, we are busy and we worry about a future which we actually have no clue about, only speculation. As we gain access to more distraction it becomes important that we also surrender into stillness. The dualistic nature of the world we live in requires we find an equilibrium between energy out and energy in, between action and inaction; if balance is not achieved then we suffer dis-Ease. We are here to have experiences, to feel, to listen, to think, and to speak; the experience is not who you are. The original you, the you that came at the moment if conception was free of conditioning, was simply present, and not identified with the experience of existence. When we have feelings of sadness or anger they are actually very much part of a continuum. For example, if we are experiencing an imbalance in the body a signal or vibration exists which the mind then translates and defines as "sadness" or "anger" then our thoughts reflect how we defined the vibration. It's all about communication; the body/mind complex is always churning out feelings and thoughts which many of us have no clue how to deal with. We take drugs to cover up pain and mute the symptoms which are an integral part of how the body communicates. Because we prefer to look away from pain, the pain shall continue; its' a feedback loop.Transcendence isn't concerned with the origin of the emotion or discordance in our being, instead connecting to the root of the imbalance is simply a technique of creating space so that we can more clearly perceive our true nature is presence or consciousness itself surrendered and accepting of the stream of energy which manifests as our experience of ourselves and life. Healing occurs once we witness, recognize the imbalance as not who we are and allow the energy or vibration to shift and move on. We can control through technique, however the control or technique itself then becomes the obstacle; surrender relinquishes all preferences for what emotional state we want to experience. Again, simply have faith that you are here just to experience the path traveled as the body is led by flow through life from birth to death. In Taoist thought it's our major organs which control our emotions and the process of transformation occurs not by attempting to alter the thought process but rather the origin of the resonance. Each of the major organs corresponds to an element and a positive or negative emotional state. If we perceive our emotions as "energy in motion" and that the source of energy lies in the body and not the mind then we can find balance by moving closer to the source of the energy itself and the expression of that energy in the organs.

The process involved in enlightenment is about increasing our energetic pressure, increasing our vibrational frequency and the number of volts or energy the body holds. What we attract in life is not completely under our control, but rather is driven by the frequency we hold. When we live in a way which honors our body and is true to our heart, we vibrate at a different wavelength; and it's this vibration which pulls people and circumstance toward us. We do have free will and choice, however we can only accurately perceive what's in the present moment. Our power lies in our understanding that our present moment is a product of our past and our future lies in the choices we make NOW. Much of who we think we are is simply a loop existing within our nervous system and many of us are content living out these patterns. The issue with living out these repeated patterns is that some of them are not appropriate for us, so we continue attracting situations and people which should lead to our liberation, but because we are unconscious it leads to additional suffering. If we choose to practice awareness, we can then begin the process of reconditioning these patterns, and life will flow for us in a very different way. Awareness has the power to rid us of possession by standards and ideas which are more appropriate for someone else. 

Be brave and choose NOW to live a life in which your individuality is exalted! After all you exist in your body ALWAYS, form birth till death. 


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