Tantra, Prosperity and Money; How a Dollar bill can feel like 3 Tons

This essay is simply food for thought; I'm not saying I'm right, but I am saying I'm reasonable

Bankruptcy for me was a spiritual act. When I made the decision, after having deliberated for months about what choice, I literally felt 100 pounds lighter. Part of the process of making this decision meant me having to look at the shame I felt as a irresponsible consumer or how I was now placing some sort of burden on society and that everyone was now going to have to pay off my debt. When decision time came I recognized that I was a more effective individual and could better serve society if i did not feel so burdened by debt. The clarity that came after the decision was made led to an explosion of creativity and I became much more active in serving others. I'm a minimalist so a house or a car or other things which we generally need credit for are not attractive for me. My choice worked out well for me but others may perceive it as a bad financial move for them. Ultimately we must do what is needed to bring clarity into our lives, and if this means going against the grain or sacrificing some security, or comfort, or obliterating our credit score then it must happen.

The beginning of any discussion on prosperity must begin with money. The image many of us paint with regards to abundance and prosperity is one which involves money. True prosperity actually has nothing to do with money. Prosperity is existential and depends on how we perceive and experience our lives; it involves our feeling of wholeness and connection to others and source. Money on the other hand is a creation of man and has been used as a way of centralizing control for 6000 years. Money simply is not necessary. It's people who create, not money. It's people who desire as a fundamental expression of their individuality too express their uniqueness out into the world. It's we who serve, not money. Many of us end up bypassing our highest expression in trade for security; we get stuck making a buck! Money can act as a block to creative energy, it can halt the flow of energy at the root chakra. The root's clarity depends to a large degree on our feelings of security and our innate connection to the Earth and all creation. It's the energy which flows through us that impels us to act and create, not money. Action motivated by money stems from scarcity and fear of not having enough, or simply greed. If we are creating from a place of fear to just get by and survive then we will continue to attract those situations and people which will match our own desperate resonance. Think for a moment about hoarders who save everything they have until the point when their living environment is completely crowded and their internal suffering is avoided out of worry/fixation about all the stuff. So how is a "hoarder" different than a billionaire? A billionaire we put in a place of high regard for what they have achieved where as the hoarder we make sad TV shows about and color them as being the model fuck up. So is hoarding plastic bags by the millions and hoarding little pieces of paper called money by the millions any different? Either way they are externalizing their search for wholeness and projecting the responsibility for their own happiness on something outside of themselves. Granted money is a lot more useful than plastic bags, but billions sitting in assets or bank accounts isn't really doing anything, in the same way a shit load of plastic bags sitting in some person's pantry/kitchen/living room isn't doing anybody any good. 
The following is a video of Michael Tellinger speaking about the Ubuntu political party of South Africa, an organization focused on ending the monetary system not just reforming it!

The reality is we exist in a world which perceives money as necessary, and because of this fact it becomes our responsibility to act as individuals in claiming what is inherently human, which is Prosperity, Joy, and Love. Wealth brought about by financial prosperity often makes our lives so much more difficult, not the other way around as those of us without much money would presume. We become susceptible to hoarding money and the accumulation of stuff simply takes up so much energy and time for maintaining our little empires. There are many paths we can set out on to aid us in de-conditioning our relationship with money and to get out from under the burdensome weight of debt, there are consumers education classes, financial management courses, debt consolidation programs, and there's no shame in bankruptcy. From a Yogic/Tantric perspective however, we let all of that go and begin down the path which grants us the clarity necessary for making important decisions based on our own internal authority and intuition. The energy lies within the body not the mind, and we when learn to trust our flow we begin to tune our lives to a frequency which serves our highest aspirations. What we must first do is cultivate a relationship with ourselves; it's through our practice that our sensitivity illuminates the path so that we are no longer walking in the dark. Simply have faith that you will be taken care of and act/create with integrity and prosperity happens.
Prosperity and abundance are about fulfilling our purpose based on our inherent form and how flow moves through our form expressing something unique. Prosperity is the joy of friendship, joy from spending time in seclusion, it's admiring nature, fresh baked cookies, its about appreciation and gratitude. The deeper the connection we have with ourselves the deeper our connection to all creation. In Yoga and Tantra the path is paved by acceptance and surrender. We simply must except that what we are experiencing in the moment is our truth, and that too will change. Change is the grand ebb and flow of the universe whether it be creation or destruction and it's change our egos must surrender too. The key is our understanding that we are always whole, and that creation is expressed from our inner stillness, our center; we are infinite in our consciousness, however if we are identified with the finite/chaos/movement/whats expressed, then we block change. The body is life and life has nothing too offer except flow!


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