Tantra is about You, the Individual

Many of us have a sense there is more to our existence than food, drink, sex, work, and play. There is something beyond family, possessions, hobbies, wars, and politics. Most of us at some point in our lives can sense the existential crisis which all humanity faces has something to do with what's inside us individually and within humanity in general. What's inherited when we are born goes well beyond superficial genetics which we are endowed from our lineage; each of us has our own unique way of experiencing the world and it's through our experiences that our life takes form. I'll speak for myself, but I feel many of you can relate, that a life not lived authentically as yourself is a disaster and deeply unsatisfying. We can only distract ourselves so much with entertainment or sports, our obsessions and insecurities; we all know when something is off. When we feel off we search out drugs, both illicit and prescribed, we look for new items to consume, we lash out at those we love and we repress our emotions which cause all sorts of physical dis-ease. We hide from our pain because we desire only good feelings or simply opt for numbness. Even when we are in relationships many of us get attached in unhealthy ways attempting to cover up our own suffering through companionship; this simply doesn't work as what we bury or avoid will come to the surface in any of a number of different ways and once it does abuse or codependency may result.

Tantra simply means union. It's not sexual, as the sexual component of Tantra is actually just a technique. Tantra isn't even about connecting with another Human being. It's about the union that occurs within each of us when the desire to transcend suffering and mundane existence motivates us into deeper surrender to all there is. We are essentially passenger consciousness, meaning we are only here to experience and enjoy the ride as a passenger in the limo, which is the body, directed by the driver which is the flow of the universe as it moves through our form. What we have going for us is choice which must be made in the moment. Think about all the worry about the future or fixation on the past, we really spend waaaay to much time dwelling on nonexistent realities. All the energy for life lies in the body yet we overlook our intuition and make decision which are incorrect for us energetically. Another way to look at Union is what occurs when we begin to pay attention to the body and its center of gravity. When we surrender to the flow of energy moving trough our form we are granted valuable information about what choices need to be made, and when we look at it from the bigger picture we are merging body wisdom with the intellect, or the divine feminine with the divine masculine. 

 So what are we to do?

First off the search must begin by looking under your own nose and acknowledging there really is no search after all. Our reclamation project must begin with our body, which is how we experience life, and through which our purpose is fulfilled. If our relationship with our body is distorted then so is our experience of life. The body requires three things primarily: 1. Proper nutrition- which has nothing to do with what studies say is good for you, it's about letting your body show you what's appropriate; 2. Proper environment- which includes people as well as spaces; if our life is out of sync with the body then we experience stress, internal chaos, and dis-ease. 3. Our bodies need movement, but how much and what activities cannot be determined by any outer authority or even you (the ego), again the body itself determines what's correct. When one endeavors to hone the body the benefit is more than just feeling more comfortable in ones own skin, weight loss, and disease prevention; we also gain our inheritance, our sensitivity. When we are sensitive, life is vivid and we are no longer stuck in the details which previously derailed our joy. It's something very special to operate authentically as yourself, as whole, as individual; it's within our de-conditioning and individualization that we discover grace.

How to know if you are well integrated with your body: 

1. inhale, contract your anus/perineum/genitals/belt line, 
2. exhale and maintain the contraction.

Was it difficult to maintain the contraction, and was the contraction smooth and precise?
Why this is telling? The maneuver I asked you to try is called Mula Bandha or root lock. Our root is located at our pelvic floor, it's the center where all our most primal energies flow and where our true sense of security in life comes from. If it was difficult it simply means you have been distracted from the body or utilizing the body through will and force alone. The results of imbalance in this area of the body are numerous and include back pain, fear, feelings of not belonging, sexual dis-function, etc... The beauty is that if you practice root lock along with breath work and meditation many dis-eases can be prevented and the process of reintegration can begin.

The Body is Life and Life has nothing to offer but Flow!

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