Tantra for All

Tantra at Soma Arts is offered as a service for both singles and couples

First off it must be stated that Tantra actually is not about sex or connecting with others, these are merely techniques which aid us on what is actually a very personal and internal path toward individuation and connection with ALL creation. Relationships are powerful movers of energy. When we agree to bond deeply with another emotions are triggered, drama happens, and feelings get hurt; all of this is a huge part of how we can potentially benefit from our relationships. It's an illusion to expect our connections to be positive all the time, sometimes we need to struggle because it's our struggles which bring about growth.

- One on One sessions: The primary purpose on private one on one sessions is to teach the student of Tantra a structure and the necessary perspective which opens the door to a deeper more Tantric connection with others, within, and with all creation. An Ideal needs a Structure through which to Manifest. These sessions are non sexual in nature.
- Couples sessions: The one thing we must understand about life in general and relationships specifically is that change is the true nature of all creation! We become fixed by our patterns and yet everything continues to change, our bodies shift and we still hold onto a static perspective. This is often what occurred in many relationships where the couple seems to have lost its connection because of two individuals adjusted to change a different paces. Our relationships become fueled by loyalty, expectations, and hope that we can rekindle some of that early spark. It's not that the spark is gone, it simply feels different now and we must let go of chasing history and allow the new "We" to come into being. Tantra is a process of surrender to flow as individuals so the couple can connect as equals who are sensitive to the ever changing "We". Communicating in a conscious manner allows history to be purged. The means through which we harmonize to flow are concentration , contemplation and meditation. The process of Tantra for a couple is actually three separate practices, one for each individual and the practice of harmonizing the "We". For more information on Tantric partnerships check out: http://somaarts.blogspot.com/2014/06/tantric-partnership.html
- Men's Tantra Classes: http://www.meetup.com/MasculineVitality/
- CoEd Classes: http://www.meetup.com/Soma-Arts-Tantra-For-All/

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