Masturbation the Holy Release Valve

First off it needs to be said desire isn't bad, sex isn't bad, masturbation isn't bad. This essay isn't a crusade against ejaculation but rather a collection of thoughts which express direct experience and reflect ancient wisdom about the primal nature of the energy which brought us all into this physical form, sexual energy. 

There are essentially two groups which are doing much of the contemporary teaching about the nature of sexual energy. First, you have the psychologists who have lauded masturbation as a stress reliever, because it does release energy and grants the individual a consciousness or energetic shift. Next you have the scientists who's research is dependent on what is measurable and reproducible with each additional experiment. Whether it's the guys in the lab coats or the understanding sympathetic individual listening to our deepest concerns, both know that the act of ejaculation IS a release. But what is released? According to scientific studies the biochemical cascade which is kicked off by first arousal is quite a roller coaster ride; norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide (NO), prolactin, acetylcholine, and dopamine are all altered from their normal states once ejaculation is reached. The use of scientific terminology is not intended to legitimize this essay but rather to illustrate there is indeed a shift in our internal chemistry which is of course directly experienced; consider how you feel Pre versus Post-cum? It's also been found it can take up to a month for a man's biochemistry to return to normal after only one ejaculation. Upon discovering this fact it made me consider at what point in my life since the age of 13 have I actually been in balance? On a less measurable level you have psychologists who essentially play the role of healing the wounds of dogmatic, dictatorial religiosity of the past. Shame has no place in sexual expression, because if we are to shame our expression then we shame the energy which underlies the expression, which in turn shames the whole procreative process and in turn our very existence. In dealing with existential shame around sex Psychologists can see how our contemporary culture is a little over stimulated and stressed out; so often they prescribe a good shame free ejaculation as a stress reduction practice. The two facts we have in place are; 1. Ejaculation is a release of energy, 2. and on a gross physical level this release is measurable. According to ancient teachings of Yoga, esoteric Christianity and Taoists; union with the Divine, which is at the heart of all religious paths, is realized not through wisdom of external things but by shinning a light on what it is to be part of creation through internal understanding and love. You can only love others as much as you love yourself. Through the recognition of our own humanity we can then see the humanity in others, through the understanding of our energy we can then understand the energy which creates all matter.   

As men we generally masturbate for a number of reasons ranging from the want to get high on the horny feeling to boredom, but no mater what the reason the one thing we must learn to be cognisant of, assuming you wish to feel more comfortable in your own skin, is that we have unconsciously created an energy practice and within any practice lies a choice. The choice around masturbation lies in whether we want to release or not, or whether we want to do it at all. The act of edging, moving toward ejaculation then backing off, is a very powerful stimulant and in some men can lead to agitation or sexual obsession; and in other men it is a great way to train for lasting longer during sex, but once again a choice must be made. Desire is energy, desire isn't sex, desire is the essence vibration we experience as a pressure which is then defined by the mind in the form of an image or act. Energy moves toward expression. The key is what we want to express? Those of us who are spiritually driven want to realize God, or the universe; and experience our connection with and our purpose within creation. Essentially, the spiritual experience is driven by pressure and if we release the basic pressure associated with the lower chakras then this is where our realization is limited to. Abstaining isn't repression or force, it's a pause and acknowledgment the moment is calling for a choice. Desire is dynamic energy which can be molded and transformed; inhale and follow the energy up the spine, touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth, exhale and follow the energy down the front of the body to the navel point. 

This discernment is the beginning of greater connectivity, and realization of all the you are. Part of the process of redirecting our choices toward our higher self is to understand that primal or raw sexual energy (Jing in Taoism) is simply unrefined and it's through various techniques and choices we learn to redirect this energy to a more refined state (Jing becomes Chi becomes Shen or Spirit). It's all part of a continuum of energy flow in the body which behaves like hydraulics, and just like hydraulics, it's all about building and releasing pressure. In a sense once we make the choice to abstain from ejaculation we can look at masturbation as being a release valve when the pressure becomes to much. Every one of us has so much unrealized potential and that potential can be felt and experienced when we choose to evolve ourselves as energetic beings; we may live as physical but our experience of life is entirely energetic in nature from the foods we taste to the pain we feel, what underlies all matter and how we feel is a vibration or e-motion, Energy in Motion.

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