Masturbation the Holy Release Valve

First off it needs to be said desire isn't bad, sex isn't bad, masturbation isn't bad. This essay isn't a crusade against ejaculation but rather a collection of thoughts which express direct experience and reflect ancient wisdom about the primal nature of the energy which brought us all into this physical form, sexual energy. 

There are essentially two groups which are doing much of the contemporary teaching about the nature of sexual energy. First, you have the psychologists who have lauded masturbation as a stress reliever, because it does release energy and grants the individual a consciousness or energetic shift. Next you have the scientists who's research is dependent on what is measurable and reproducible with each additional experiment. Whether it's the guys in the lab coats or the understanding sympathetic individual listening to our deepest concerns, both know that the act of ejaculation IS a release. But what is released? According to scientific studies the biochemical cascade which is kicked off by first arousal is quite a roller coaster ride; norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin, vasopressin, nitric oxide (NO), prolactin, acetylcholine, and dopamine are all altered from their normal states once ejaculation is reached. The use of scientific terminology is not intended to legitimize this essay but rather to illustrate there is indeed a shift in our internal chemistry which is of course directly experienced; consider how you feel Pre versus Post-cum? It's also been found it can take up to a month for a man's biochemistry to return to normal after only one ejaculation. Upon discovering this fact it made me consider at what point in my life since the age of 13 have I actually been in balance? On a less measurable level you have psychologists who essentially play the role of healing the wounds of dogmatic, dictatorial religiosity of the past. Shame has no place in sexual expression, because if we are to shame our expression then we shame the energy which underlies the expression, which in turn shames the whole procreative process and in turn our very existence. In dealing with existential shame around sex Psychologists can see how our contemporary culture is a little over stimulated and stressed out; so often they prescribe a good shame free ejaculation as a stress reduction practice. The two facts we have in place are; 1. Ejaculation is a release of energy, 2. and on a gross physical level this release is measurable. According to ancient teachings of Yoga, esoteric Christianity and Taoists; union with the Divine, which is at the heart of all religious paths, is realized not through wisdom of external things but by shinning a light on what it is to be part of creation through internal understanding and love. You can only love others as much as you love yourself. Through the recognition of our own humanity we can then see the humanity in others, through the understanding of our energy we can then understand the energy which creates all matter.   

As men we generally masturbate for a number of reasons ranging from the want to get high on the horny feeling to boredom, but no mater what the reason the one thing we must learn to be cognisant of, assuming you wish to feel more comfortable in your own skin, is that we have unconsciously created an energy practice and within any practice lies a choice. The choice around masturbation lies in whether we want to release or not, or whether we want to do it at all. The act of edging, moving toward ejaculation then backing off, is a very powerful stimulant and in some men can lead to agitation or sexual obsession; and in other men it is a great way to train for lasting longer during sex, but once again a choice must be made. Desire is energy, desire isn't sex, desire is the essence vibration we experience as a pressure which is then defined by the mind in the form of an image or act. Energy moves toward expression. The key is what we want to express? Those of us who are spiritually driven want to realize God, or the universe; and experience our connection with and our purpose within creation. Essentially, the spiritual experience is driven by pressure and if we release the basic pressure associated with the lower chakras then this is where our realization is limited to. Abstaining isn't repression or force, it's a pause and acknowledgment the moment is calling for a choice. Desire is dynamic energy which can be molded and transformed; inhale and follow the energy up the spine, touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth, exhale and follow the energy down the front of the body to the navel point. 

This discernment is the beginning of greater connectivity, and realization of all the you are. Part of the process of redirecting our choices toward our higher self is to understand that primal or raw sexual energy (Jing in Taoism) is simply unrefined and it's through various techniques and choices we learn to redirect this energy to a more refined state (Jing becomes Chi becomes Shen or Spirit). It's all part of a continuum of energy flow in the body which behaves like hydraulics, and just like hydraulics, it's all about building and releasing pressure. In a sense once we make the choice to abstain from ejaculation we can look at masturbation as being a release valve when the pressure becomes to much. Every one of us has so much unrealized potential and that potential can be felt and experienced when we choose to evolve ourselves as energetic beings; we may live as physical but our experience of life is entirely energetic in nature from the foods we taste to the pain we feel, what underlies all matter and how we feel is a vibration or e-motion, Energy in Motion.

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We exist in our bodies 24hr a day 7 days a week and in every moment of our living existence; and consider just how little we know about these bodies, this is significant. We are subject to various pressures both measurable and much more subtle; and yet what's our experience of this constant flow though our body's? Meditation, the most important practice in Tantra, allows one's ego to harmonize and surrender to stillness, essentially allowing the driver (the body), the passenger (our personality, ego) too simply observe and make choices based on our inner authority; however we are the stillness, pure consciousness, and presence. All thoughts, emotions, and sensation are result of various forces stimulating our sensory system and its here that we often become fixated and energy gets diverted away from our center.

Tantra simply means Union. Union of the divine masculine and divine feminine. Essentially, what we are talking about is the merger of duality through the process of acceptance and surrender. Many of us feel a deep suffering in our lives and we often attempt to resolve this suffering through some external focus such as sex, money, career focus, pleasure seeking, material goods, friends, family etc... The wound which are trying to heal through external means is one inherent in our design and one which is part of the Karmic burden of Humanity. We live in a very action oriented world, we graduate from schools more focused on creating quality employees than quality human beings, and we are dealing with 1000's of years of dictatorial cultural conditioning telling us who/what a Man should be. Because of our fixation on proactive activity it often becomes rather difficult to sit still and simply witness. After years of doing what we feel is right, often compelled by the standards set by external authorities such as family or culture our nervous systems become bogged down by signals and patterns which no longer serve us and we begin to feel dis-comfort, dis-ease, confusion, anger etc... all of which we sometimes end up projecting onto loved ones or they stay buried deep within us leaving us feeling ridged and uninspired.

The seat of our ego lies at the third eye point between the brow and because of this we feel separate from the body. The tragedy of this separation is numbness, ambivalence; and we are cut of from the energy of the body, the energy of life, and flow. How we traverse this chasm is the heart and soul of most every spiritual path, its the movement through our shadow aspect back into the body. We must move through pain, fear, and suffering because there are gifts and rewards for doing so, that's how duality works! The body is absolutely miraculous! Through Tantra we learn about the function of the mental/emotional body and how our thoughts because of their inherent dualistic nature are not appropriate for making decisions which will require our effort and time. The mind simply has no energy source, all the energy for life is contained within the body's various energy centers, and these centers send out very clear signals indicating what is correct for us. Each one of us has an inner authority, which when paid attention too, will guide us down the correct path in life, essentially ridding us of additional Karma along the way. Tantra is about how to efficiently utilize our inherent energy, by attuning to our built in GPS, the heart and inner authority.

Tantra is about surrendering the ego to the heart in the present moment
Concentration slices through illusion like a sword, revealing truth
Contemplation realigns and opens the intellect
Meditation unites

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Sex, More than what we are conditioned to believe

When people think of Tantra they find it difficult to remove sex from their construct. In fact in many ways its next to impossible to remove sex from any aspect of life. This is one of the great challenges facing every individual regardless of gender. Sexual energy is a part of the continuous flow of energy through our being, inseparable from any other aspect of our experiential selves. We often notice the influence of sexual energy the most when our practices and patterns are reinforcing the influence of the three lower chakras.  We will feel this energy most intensely if we are masturbating or ejaculating on a regular basis. This is because of how powerful the release of energy is after ejaculation, and because of the conditioning influence created by repeatedly stimulating the nerves in genital region. Many of us have been carrying on with such habits for a very long time. We often cannot resist the rush which comes from our response to a sexual stimulus. This is ingrained in the reward system in the brain. If you are questioning the immense drain the release of sexual energy can lead too, try for at least one month to forgo ejaculation and experience what its like to have this energy intact; there is a tremendous will power gain from transcending desire. As will and the desire for higher understand grows we recognize how we close ourselves off to essential knowledge about what it is too be human, because we are overly identified with our patterns.

We believe and we become...

Belief is a very powerful container of energy. In Tantra, its not about believing or disbelieving, its not about having a preference or about being positive; its about recognizing that we have a choice. Choice is a state of openness to possibility. Take healing for example; if we believe we are diseased then this is the experience we will create for ourselves, our vital energy will be directed to creating the dis-comfort and dis-ease which we believe is present within us. It's also equally detrimental to dis-believe in a dis-ease state. Successful healers often create a feeling that the individual who is being healed is already free of the dis-ease. Feeling is a powerful mover of energy and is not associated with an intellectual understanding or belief. Belief is very much a mental process and any mental process is inherently disconnected form the energy centers of the body; belief can only function to contain the flow of energy at a point. Feeling on the other hand is immersion into the energy. The conscious mind functions as a control valve for flow of energy. If we believe or disbelieve then energy will cease too flow fully. If we allow feeling then the conscious mind is surrendered to a larger source of energy, the universe. Once we are able to surrender to flow we become the ultimate conduit of healing energy. Tantra is about being open to possibility, and the understanding that we are not truly in control, all we have is choice.

An interview with Dr. Bruce Lipton, about the role we play in healing and changing the expression of our genes

A practice is the most essential element to increasing sensitivity. A practice imprints a new pattern within the nervous system. Without a practice dealing with the physical body, the body will prevent us from exploring deeply internally, and without sensitivity to our internal workings our search for guidance will never cease. We live a culture which is very impatient for results. We go to doctors with our ailments and expect cures they cannot give us. In the area of health and wellness we start to workout and end up quiting after we don't see immediate results or we realize this approach is just going to take too long. Of course we have many expensive options for those who desire quick fixes to the damage they did in the first place. Any medicine, healer, herb, technique, etc... only functions to facilitate the healing process which we are responsible for; remember we exist in our own body... always! We desperately search for healing connections with others even though we haven't healed our own internal wound create by the separation of the conscious mind from the rest of creation and our own body. The purpose of a practice is too create time for ourselves without distractions. A book is a distraction, TV is a distraction, conversation is a distraction, email is a distraction, work is a distraction; the only time without distraction is thru the immersion into some sort of meditative practice whether it be Yoga, Chi Gong, breath work or simply a meditation practice. This is simply about balancing out all the external directing of energy with internal work and surrender. Within us lie the keys for stream lining our existence so that we are in the flow as opposed to being in conflict with flow. It's the friction caused by the conscious mind being closed off to flow which leads to dis-ease and dis-comfort. Within each of us lies a trajectory for this lifetime, and it's the realization of this trajectory which reveals our purpose. Purpose is not a state of belief but of revelation due to surrender and choosing to align with flow. Tantra is very much about the process of recognition that there is a flow in the first place. Tantra is acceptance of that which rises in the moment as truth for that moment alone, and surrender too and faith in the fact our true nature is a reflects all creation, infinite, present, centered, and at peace. Tantra is when practice becomes a ones own organic process, technique ends and flow continues; its about grasping whats already inherent.   "If you cannot see the God in all then you cannot see God at all"- Yogi Bhajan.