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We exist in our bodies 24hr a day 7 days a week and in every moment of our living existence; and consider just how little we know about these bodies, this is significant. We are subject to various pressures both measurable and much more subtle; and yet what's our experience of this constant flow though our body's? Meditation, the most important practice in Tantra, allows one's ego to harmonize and surrender to stillness, essentially allowing the driver (the body), the passenger (our personality, ego) too simply observe and make choices based on our inner authority; however we are the stillness, pure consciousness, and presence. All thoughts, emotions, and sensation are result of various forces stimulating our sensory system and its here that we often become fixated and energy gets diverted away from our center.

Tantra simply means Union. Union of the divine masculine and divine feminine. Essentially, what we are talking about is the merger of duality through the process of acceptance and surrender. Many of us feel a deep suffering in our lives and we often attempt to resolve this suffering through some external focus such as sex, money, career focus, pleasure seeking, material goods, friends, family etc... The wound which are trying to heal through external means is one inherent in our design and one which is part of the Karmic burden of Humanity. We live in a very action oriented world, we graduate from schools more focused on creating quality employees than quality human beings, and we are dealing with 1000's of years of dictatorial cultural conditioning telling us who/what a Man should be. Because of our fixation on proactive activity it often becomes rather difficult to sit still and simply witness. After years of doing what we feel is right, often compelled by the standards set by external authorities such as family or culture our nervous systems become bogged down by signals and patterns which no longer serve us and we begin to feel dis-comfort, dis-ease, confusion, anger etc... all of which we sometimes end up projecting onto loved ones or they stay buried deep within us leaving us feeling ridged and uninspired.

The seat of our ego lies at the third eye point between the brow and because of this we feel separate from the body. The tragedy of this separation is numbness, ambivalence; and we are cut of from the energy of the body, the energy of life, and flow. How we traverse this chasm is the heart and soul of most every spiritual path, its the movement through our shadow aspect back into the body. We must move through pain, fear, and suffering because there are gifts and rewards for doing so, that's how duality works! The body is absolutely miraculous! Through Tantra we learn about the function of the mental/emotional body and how our thoughts because of their inherent dualistic nature are not appropriate for making decisions which will require our effort and time. The mind simply has no energy source, all the energy for life is contained within the body's various energy centers, and these centers send out very clear signals indicating what is correct for us. Each one of us has an inner authority, which when paid attention too, will guide us down the correct path in life, essentially ridding us of additional Karma along the way. Tantra is about how to efficiently utilize our inherent energy, by attuning to our built in GPS, the heart and inner authority.

Tantra is about surrendering the ego to the heart in the present moment
Concentration slices through illusion like a sword, revealing truth
Contemplation realigns and opens the intellect
Meditation unites

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