An Authentic Man Thru Tantra

The Gifts of Tantra are not the product of cultivation but revelation.

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Gentlemen, to begin with I need too get this out of the way; the Tantra classes offered are NOT about more sex, better sex, hooking up, or massage. This is a program about learning to work with sexual energy; better sex happens, bonding between partners, improved vitality, and more sex without post ejaculation fatigue are side effects (read:Understanding Orgasm). Sexually it's about reinvention, a change in the pattern, in HOW we approach sex. Tantric practices will affect the nervous system, rewriting the patterns, eventually culminating in Authenticity. Any system which cultivates awareness is necessarily cultivating sensitivity, and as our sensitivity grows so to does our experience of life, including sex. We where taught many things while growing up and one of those things wasn't HOW to make love; for most of us we were either naturals at it or it was a bit of a trial and error process. The end result of our conditioning sexually is that we have become servants to desire (read:Understanding Desire). You must be willing to simply witness your attachment to the High provoked by sexual stimulus. In the end what we are really here to learn... Surrender is the opposite of giving up. It is freeing yourself from the desire to be in control.  

If you have or are experiencing any of the following this course could be of HUGE benefit for you: Performance Anxiety, premature ejaculation, swollen prostate, lost libido, sex addiction, loss of sensitivity, chronic fatigue and depression, anxiety dis-order, mental fogginess, feelings of dis-connect, spaciness...

Part of Soma's Tantra program involves the process of purification. Purification occurs on multiple levels beginning at the physical and becoming more subtle as we become more sensitive. Through correct eating habits and movement the body will operate more efficiently. Through understand the nature of desire for food, sex, material goods etc... we will operate more efficiently. Through reducing various energy drains and choosing those actions and activities which strengthen our understanding of our purpose we will operate more efficiently. Again we have all the tools in place already, they have been there since birth just waiting for us to utilize them. Our ego is just along for the ride guided externally not by pleasure seeking, but Joy and Love; and guided internally by presence and intuition.

Objectives of Soma's Tantra Program:
1. Transference of essential knowledge
- The program intent is not to teach the language of Tantra, but to transcend knowledge by accessing direct experience. The classes will be taught using direct language utilizing only those terms which aid in illuminating essential concepts. We are here to cultivate the individual first and foremost, cultural/societal/familial attachments are to be left at the door.

2. Apply and integrate White Tantric techniques as a daily practice
- This will be a physical class, not necessarily exhausting or like an exercise or gym Yoga class; the majority of the work is internal meaning: learning to move energy, breath work, contraction/relaxation of internal musculature, light movement, and self massage utilizing pressure points. A personal practice facilitates raising of awareness/kundalini without loosing your grounding, which is what often occurs when we release built up sexual energy instead of transmuting it. You should be willing to set aside at least 1 hour per day for your daily practice. 

3. Purification
- There will not be a specific diet assigned for the class as each member will be challenged to stick too some basic guidelines intended to bring about sensitivity to ones own biochemistry. The body will let you know what foods are correct and which eating behaviors are conditioned by our culture or our unsteady emotions. A mindful dietary approach is about cultivating a relationship with what is brought into the body. There are no good or bad foods (exception: processed foods), just foods that are good or bad for... you!
- Meditation is the ultimate cleanser of the human energy body. There is a  direct relationship between the stuck emotional patterns present in your energy body and your health/feeling of well being. We experience thoughts and emotions as movement, and because of the transient nature of thoughts and emotions they can be released when we realize that they are not who we are, but rather signals beckoning for our attention. When we can be present to an emotion we can see its true nature. Witnessing pulls the plug on the energy source which continued to feed the pattern and cause a distortion in our consciousness.

4. Sync to natural rhythms
- Consider the number of natural rhythms which are apparent such as solar cycle/seasonal cycle, lunar cycle, 24 hr day cycle, annual 365 day cycle, days of the week cycle, etc... For many of us our energy fluctuates with these cycles, and if we are conscious of these ups and downs we can work with them and forgive ourselves for those days when our energy is low and we can't seem to live up too our own performance expectations. The purpose of tuning into various natural cycles is for surrender. It is essential that we realize just how hypnotized many of us are by what man has created, careers, material goods, institutions of society, etc... The majority of what we are "into" requires energy, and does not necessarily contribute much in return. Streamlining our endeavors to better serve us is a process which happens over the long term; syncing up to natural cycles attunes us to synchronicity which guides us on our journey and teaches us the meaning of surrender and faith: That there is more about the Universe that we do not understand than what we do! The fundamental first step toward union

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5. Partnered Tantric practices
- This portion of the class will involve pairing up and practicing various techniques for the purpose of reducing barriers to connection. We will work on trust, vulnerability, gratitude, and ultimately this will be your initiation into how too approach a Red Tantric practice. If sex has become repetitive and uninteresting to you, simply ask yourself "Have I attempted to approach sex differently?" your answer should be understood as significant, directive and meaningful.

Class schedule, click here:  Men's Tantra

Instructor: Akal
- 15 years of experience working in health and wellness
- Masters in Physiology, University of Illinois at Chicago
- Bachelors in Kinesiology, University of Iowa/ University of Illinois at Chicago
- 2 years of study in Human Nutrition, University of Illinois at Chicago
- 2 year Mentor-ship in Naturopathy, Dr. Arthur Solomon
- Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Spirit Rising Yoga Chicago

Classes are donation based, suggested donation is $20, class is open to all men regardless of sexual orientation
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